Merchant's Cave ( Custodial wallet )

We're dedicated to creating a seamless and user-friendly platform for all of our users, including those who may not be familiar with the blockchain space. That's why we're introducing Merchant's Cave, a custodial crypto wallet that allows users to hold and transfer digital assets with ease.
To send digital assets in or out of their custodial wallet, users simply need to log in to the Build it Merchants platform with their BiM account, input the public key of the location to where they wish to send their digital assets, and we will take care of inputting the private key to complete the transaction. Additionally, users can connect and link their Merchant's Cave wallet with Metamask for added convenience.
With Merchant's Cave, we're creating an extremely simple solution for users, even those who aren't familiar with the blockchain space. Our custodial wallet is aimed at mass integration of users outside of the blockchain space, providing a convenient and easy way for users to hold and transfer digital assets.