Build It Merchants Platform: An Overview

Player Profile Page

Our player profile page is at the heart of individual gaming experiences on our platform. We understand that today's players engage with multiple blockchains and games. That's why we're building a solution that seamlessly consolidates their gaming identities into a single, easy-to-manage profile.

With our platform, you can:

  • Link multiple blockchain accounts to your profile.

  • Launch your favorite games with a single click.

  • Access all your social networks and engage with the gaming community.

  • Showcase your achievements, badges, and game stats on your profile.

  • Explore the utilities of the Build It Merchants' digital identity (DID), offering exciting functionalities and rewards.

Game Tracker

To further enhance the gaming experience and reward our players, we're introducing a Game Tracker feature. This innovative tool allows gamers to extend their play beyond blockchain games, tapping into our network of partnered Web2 games.

With our Game Tracker, you can:

  • Play your favorite Web2 games linked with our platform.

  • Unlock rewards through in-game achievements, bridging your Web2 gaming activities with Web3 incentives.

  • Keep track of your gaming progress across different games and platforms.

  • Share and celebrate your achievements with the community on your player profile page.

Our Game Tracker is designed to recognize and reward your passion for gaming, wherever and however you choose to play. By integrating Web2 games and rewarding gamers for their achievements, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the gaming world, truly merging the best of both Web2 and Web3 gaming experiences.

Game Aggregator

Navigating the vast world of games can be overwhelming. That's why we're creating a robust game aggregator, providing a streamlined way for players to find and engage with games they love.

With our game aggregator, you can:

  • Seamlessly search for games across multiple blockchains.

  • Access relevant information about games, including their descriptions, gameplay mechanics, tokenomics, and user reviews.

  • Discover new games tailored to your preferences, based on your gameplay history and interests.


The future of gaming lies in the exchange and ownership of digital assets. That's where our marketplace comes in. We're crafting a secure and user-friendly marketplace where players can trade games and NFTs with confidence.

In our marketplace, you can:

  • Browse and purchase games across various blockchains.

  • Buy, sell, or trade NFTs tied to your favorite games.

  • Enjoy a transparent and safe trading environment, thanks to the blockchain's inherent security features.

By intertwining these core components with our dynamic Genesis NFTs, we're aiming to deliver a platform that's not just a gaming hub, but a comprehensive, enjoyable, and rewarding gaming ecosystem. Build It Merchants is where Web2 gamers discover Web3 and where gaming communities thrive. We're excited to have you join us on this journey.

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