Roadmaps & Milestones


  • Launch of Gamer Profile/Account Beta

  • Introduction of Web 2/3 Achievement & Activity Tracker

  • Genesis NFT Mint

  • Beta Marketplace for Web 3

  • Announcement of Build it Merchants' First Game

  • Launch of Game Aggregator Beta


  • Full Release of Player Accounts

  • Expansion of Marketplace Beta to Include Web 2 & Web 3

  • NFT Offering for Build it Merchants' First Game

  • Genesis Staking Rewards for Incubated Projects

  • Integration with Samsung Pay

  • Introduction of Game Launcher Beta

  • Development of Layer 3 Solutions for Games


  • Full Launch of Marketplace

  • Launch of Community Features & Gamer Profiles

  • Introduction of In-Game Chat & DEX Beta

  • Full Release of Game Aggregator

  • Alpha Release of Build it Merchants' First Game

  • Launch of Mobile Version Beta


  • Full Launch of In-Game Chat & DEX

  • Beta Testing for Second In-House Game

  • Introduction of Layer 3 Solutions for Partnered Games

  • Expansion of NFT Offerings to Include Partnered Games

  • Integration with Additional Payment Systems for Marketplace Transactions

  • Launch of Advanced Player Tools for Skill Improvement and Community Engagement

  • Full Launch of Mobile Version with Enhanced Features

  • Launch of Partner Games Incubation Program

Please note, the Diamond stage is a projection and goals may shift based on user feedback, technological advancements, and shifts in the industry landscape. We are always committed to delivering the most value to our gamers and developers, and will adjust our roadmap as needed to stay at the forefront of gaming innovation.

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