Our Team

Meet our core teams

The Build it Merchants family is composed of seasoned professionals, each bringing valuable skills and a wealth of experience in their respective fields.

Sanu Y

With a strong background in law, finance, and advisory, Sanu is an integral part of our team. His legal acumen and financial expertise have been instrumental in structuring the platform's operational and financial framework, ensuring that we adhere to industry best practices while creating innovative solutions. Sanu's advisory experience also plays a pivotal role in our strategic decision-making processes, guiding our team in navigating the rapidly evolving gaming and blockchain landscapes.

Kenny WY

Drawing from his robust portfolio in the tech industry, Kenny's expertise spans project management, system architecture, and software development. He has a knack for transforming innovative ideas into functional, user-friendly solutions. Kenny's technical leadership has been key to building and scaling our platform, ensuring it runs seamlessly and delivers an enjoyable user experience.

Alex P

Alex brings a wealth of experience with over 8 years in the crypto and blockchain industry. His previous roles include strategic positions at prominent blockchain startups, where he led the development of blockchain solutions and fostered strategic partnerships. At Build it Merchants, Alex's deep understanding of the crypto space, its technologies, and its trends drives our technological strategies and helps keep our platform at the forefront of blockchain gaming innovation.

HX Yeo

HX Yeo leads our UI/UX and marketing strategies, creating intuitive interfaces and compelling campaigns that resonate with our user base. With a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of user behavior, he ensures our platform is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly. HX Yep's marketing acumen enables us to effectively communicate our vision and value proposition to our community and beyond, fostering engagement and growth.

Together, our team combines their unique skill sets to create a platform that redefines gaming, integrating the excitement of Web2 games with the financial opportunities presented by Web3, while focusing on providing a user-friendly experience for all.


Azeez oversees our Human Resources and Partnerships. His role is vital in establishing strategic partnerships that enhance our platform's capabilities and broaden its reach. With his excellent interpersonal skills and knack for negotiation, Azeez has successfully cultivated collaborations with key industry players. On the HR front, Azeez is responsible for fostering a collaborative and inclusive work culture, as well as talent acquisition and development, ensuring our team remains strong and well-equipped to meet our goals.

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