Merchants of Time NFTs: A Closer Look

Merchants of Time: Genesis NFTs and Their Dynamic Utilities

Merchants of Time stands out in the crowded NFT space for its unique approach to offering value. We're aware that the majority of NFT projects stumble due to lack of utility. That's why we've designed the Genesis NFTs - to create lasting value and foster a thriving community around our platform.

Genesis NFTs: A New Dawn in Digital Assets

Genesis NFTs will be one of the earliest utilities introduced on our platform. With a total supply of 8,888 NFTs, these aren't just your average digital assets. They come with different rarity degrees: 20 legendary, 200 rare, 1,000 uncommon, and 7,668 common NFTs. These NFTs serve as more than mere collectibles. They are versatile digital assets designed to enhance the user experience on our platform in exciting ways.

Amplifying User Experience with Dynamic Utilities

Here's a peek into the value-packed features we're offering to Genesis NFT holders:

  • Staking rights: Once our partner tokens go live, Genesis NFT holders can stake their NFTs to farm these tokens.

  • Monthly Game Pass: Genesis NFT holders will receive a bundle of tokens to kickstart their monthly Build it Merchant game pass.

  • Exclusive Access: Get VIP entry to limited edition content, including special game items and rare in-game collectibles.

  • Gaming Events and Tournaments: Enjoy VIP access to gaming events and tournaments. Compete with fellow gamers and take home exciting prizes.

  • Early Access: Stay ahead of the game with early access to new games and features on our platform.

  • Play & Earn Incentives: Play your favorite games on our platform and earn rewarding incentives.

  • Access to Black Market Features: Delve into exclusive content and benefits available only to Genesis NFT holders.

  • NFTs as Collateral: Leverage your NFTs as collateral for loans or other financial instruments, opening up new financial avenues within the gaming industry.

With a lineup of utilities like this, we're not just promising an NFT. We're providing a passport to an amplified gaming experience, a community of like-minded gamers, and an opportunity to truly make your mark in the Metaverse. And the best part? There are many more utilities planned on the way.

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