Esports & Community

Fostering Engagement and Competitive Spirit

Esports & Community: Nurturing Inclusivity and Fostering Competition

At Build it Merchants, we strive to become more than just a gaming platform. We aim to cultivate a vibrant, inclusive community that appeals to both Web2 and Web3 gamers, offering an array of exciting activities and competitions to satiate their gaming passion.

A Community for All Gamers

Recognizing the diverse needs and preferences of gamers, we are dedicated to creating a harmonious environment where both traditional and blockchain gamers coexist and interact. We understand the challenges that come with the advent of Web3 gaming, and thus, we are committed to facilitating a smooth transition for our community members from Web2 to Web3 gaming. Our beginner-friendly environment, coupled with educational resources, ensure that every gamer feels at home while exploring the wonders of blockchain gaming.

Esports: Bringing the Competitive Edge

At the heart of our community-driven approach are our Esports events, which we believe are an integral part of fostering a spirited and engaging gaming environment. These events provide an opportunity for our community members to compete, learn, and grow together, regardless of whether they are playing traditional games or blockchain-based ones.

We've already hit the ground running with our Mobile Legends Esports division. Weekly scrimmages and monthly tournaments provide regular competitive platforms for our gamers to test their mettle, sharpen their skills, and build their reputation within the community. These events not only spur engagement within the community but also provide exciting entertainment for our spectators, thus cultivating a lively Esports culture within our platform.

To make Web3 gaming more accessible, we are currently offering a scholarship program for Axie Infinity, one of the leading blockchain games in the market. With a fleet of more than 500 Axies, our program is designed to enable interested community members to start their journey in the Play-to-Earn model without the hefty upfront costs. This initiative ensures inclusivity by providing everyone with the chance to participate in and benefit from the blockchain gaming revolution.

Future Endeavors

In our quest to enrich the gaming experience, we are always seeking new ways to bring our community closer together and enhance our offerings. As such, we will continue to add more games, host tournaments, provide scholarships, and develop innovative ways to encourage interaction and cooperation within our community.

Our commitment to fostering a strong community and promoting competitive gaming embodies the essence of what we aim to achieve at Build it Merchants. We invite all gamers, whether seasoned or new, Web2 or Web3, to join us on this exciting journey ahead.

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