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Game Acceleration & Advisory at Build It Merchants

At Build It Merchants, we aim to not only bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming but also to propel game developers on their journey towards creating immersive, high-quality blockchain games.

Our Vision

Our vision aligns with our commitment to support the growth of blockchain gaming. We are dedicated to facilitating game developers in leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. This involves expert consultation, strategic partnerships, seamless Web3 integration, and direct access to our ever growing player community.

Our Team

Our team of advisors comprises seasoned veterans from the gaming and blockchain industries. With experiences in design, marketing, business development, and understanding of blockchain technology, they offer valuable insights and personalized advice to guide developers through the challenging terrain of blockchain game development.

Our Offerings

Through our Acceleration services, you can expect:

  1. Expert Guidance: Our advisors deliver key insights on game design, development, marketing strategies, Web3 integration, sustainable tokenomics, and more.

  2. Strategic Collaborations: We facilitate partnerships with other gaming studios and marketing platforms, enriching your game's potential.

  3. Technical Assistance: Our technical team aids in seamless integration of Web3 features into your games, ensuring a smooth transition and performance.

  4. Investor Connections: We have strong links to notable investors and grants agencies in the blockchain space, offering potential funding opportunities for game developers.

  5. Multiple Blockchain Ecosystem Connections: As part of our network, we have partnerships with various blockchain platforms that can provide technical support and potential grant opportunities for game development.

  6. Access to Player Community: Launch your game to our engaging and rapidly growing community of Web2 and Web3 gamers.

  7. Tokenomics and DeFi Guidance: We assist in creating sustainable tokenomics and integrating DeFi elements into your game, fostering long-term success and player engagement.

The Benefits for Developers

By leveraging our Game Acceleration & Advisory service, developers stand to gain:

  1. Game Growth Acceleration: With direct access to our platform's user base and marketing channels, your game gains maximum exposure and recognition.

  2. Expert Insights: Navigate the complex world of Web3 gaming with advice from our experienced team, ensuring your game meets current trends and expectations.

  3. Access to Potential Funding: Benefit from our investor connections and blockchain partnerships, opening avenues for potential funding.

  4. Resource Optimization: Save on time and resources with our technical and strategic support, allowing you to focus more on creative and developmental aspects.

  5. Enhanced Player Engagement: Utilize our guidance on reward systems and NFT integrations to foster a vibrant gaming environment that retains and rewards players.

Our Approach

Our approach is bespoke, catering to the specific needs of each developer and game. We begin with a comprehensive consultation to grasp the vision and goals of the game. From there, we devise a customized action plan comprising strategic advice, technical support, and growth strategies. Throughout the implementation process, we work hand-in-hand with developers, offering continual support and advice to ensure the game's success.

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of blockchain gaming. Contact us and let's work together to accelerate your project's growth.

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